• cardinal.png
    Shopping, Finance, Analytics

    Cardinal is a location aware discovery platform for offers on existing credit cards, debit cards and digital wallets.

    All our payment instruments are loaded with offers but they are hard to keep track off. Cardinal helps solve this problem by recommending the right card at the right place and at the right time

    An advanced analytical platform allows the issuers, networks, merchants and affiliates to understand the purchase patterns and also to do location based marketing to the users of Cardinal

  • 4D.png
    4th Dimension Online
    Architecture, Digital

    4th Dimension - a leading architectural firm based out of Delhi and winner of various awards for great work in their space, needed to have an online presence, which didn’t just act as an interaction point for potential customers, investors or other business entities but also as a showcase of their design philosophy via the web channel.

    We worked closely with them to understand their needs and designed a solution fulfilling their objectives.

  • bluelight.png
    Project - BlueLight
    CMS, Innovation

    We had implemented various CMS packages before for large companies. However, when we sat down to build our own website and some web based Wiki's for our internal processes, we realized that most CMS packages require a database & lot of upfront setup activities. 

    Given that our needs were small at just a few pages, we decided to build our own JAVA based CMS and blogging tool that would be easy to set up and didn’t require a hefty database.

    Currently, it’s in Beta but it works like a charm. As a matter of fact, this site is hosted on it. In our spare time we are working on polishing it and adding a few more features. We aim to release it for the community at large as an open source, free to use tool for small websites and blogs. 

    We call it Bluelight, subscribe to our  LinkedIn page to get notified when it’s released to the market

  • vatsalayam.png
    Vatsalayam Homestay
    Hospitality, Digital

    A leading homestay based in Shimla wanted to spruce up their digital presence. Their existing website was lacking social media integration, SEO was messy and also appeared archaic when viewed on mobile devices, something which no company can afford in these times.

    We engaged with them and have completely transformed their website and digital presence with a modern outlook and all the critical bits - social integration, reverse feed integration, SEO & mobile compliance.

    We are hoping that an increase in the number of bookings for Vatsalyam would act as a testimony for our work in making their digital channel more effective and easy to consume for their customers.