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Technology Strategy & Solutions

The world has now begun to comprehend the role of technology in bolstering businesses. The open source & cloud revolution has extended a gamut of technologies to businesses of all sizes. Technology has truly been democratized and there is an array of options to choose from. There is one problem though - sifting through this ocean of technologies & digital products. There is still a dearth of technology strategists who can choose the right technologies to solve for the diverse business & technical problems. This is the space we work in - simplifying the complicated digital ecosystem for our partners. When we approach a problem, we do so holistically, thinking in a platform agnostic & multi-dimensional fashion, while investing heavily in understanding the business needs. We solution based on what we like to call the RISE principle, which stands for Robust, Innovative, Scalable & Efficient. We believe any design, strategy or solution that qualifies the RISE parameters cannot go wrong.

Digital, Data Driven Platforms

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems” – Scott Adams.
But seriously, we too believe in creating & bringing to life our own ideas & concepts.
We like to build digital products & platforms that are disruptive & challenge the natural order of things.
Just as decisions & opinions are better when they are informed, we believe so are products. And so we seek data doggedly and crunch it accurately & responsibly to build our products & platforms.


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Our Story

There comes a time in every IT professional's career when they begin to question the corporate grind and its binding structures. When appraisals, titles and team sizes aren't validation enough and all that matters is technology. Our time is now.

We're resetting to the uninhibited, experimental and compulsively curious youth who chose technology as their career. Only this time we've got two decades of combined industry experience on our side.

Corporate baggage chucked aside, we've got a spring in our step, and a burning hunger to share our expertise, to innovate, to disrupt!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, they used to say. If it ain't broke, what'll break it? is today's attitude. It's a brave new world and we believe we're in the sweet spot, having experienced the breadth & depth of technologies and having worked with some of the sharpest technologists from across the globe

Now is when "our story" really begins..

Meet the Team

profile image nishant varshney

Nishant Varshney


Nishant has 14+ years of experience in conceptualizing and building enterprise grade applications in varied technologies and industry domains. He is passionate about solving real world problems using technology in the most simplistic manner and using data as a tool. With this passion he ventured on an entrepreneurial journey and founded RMgX with the purpose of creating beautiful and meaningful innovations. He loves to create things with the emphasis on design thinking and sometimes re-innovate if existing solutions can be bettered.
He is responsible for the management of the firm along with being a hand-on technology person.

profile imgage Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma

Founder, Chief Data Officer

Rajat belongs to an odd faction of technologists who are passionate about data - from organizing it to crunching it, mining it to presenting it, he has done it all and at enterprise scale. He has worked for illustrious clients on their large-scale Enterprise Data Warehouse deployments across diverse business domains & technologies.
Currently, he is busy decoding the "big" deal about "Big Data".

profile imgage Vishal Agarwal

Vishal Agarwal

Partner, Delivery Lead

Passionate about creating elegant and intuitive technical solutions for complex business problems

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